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Drone Light Shows

FlFlying throughout the UK, welcome to SkyShows.  

The first company in Scotland, and one of only a handful in Britain, approved to fly drone light shows.   

SkyShows is proud to hold the records of  not only flying the first drone light show in Scotland in front of a live audience, but also having performed the first ever drone light show in Northern Ireland.  

The environmentally friendly alternative to fireworks, our bespoke and entirely unique shows - using up to 200 drones - paint dramatic patterns in the night sky and light up any event with air displays that are individually designed and developed for each of our clients.  

A Light Show - Start to Finish 

There are many example of what we do on our ShowReel page, but before you head over there, please take a moment to view this clip which demonstrates the process of a light show -
Start to Finish In Just a Minute

Contact SkyShows

For further information on SkyShows, our product, our pricing and how we can help you deliver your own unique drone light show, please either call us or drop us an email.  

We look forward to hearing from you.

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