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Anatomy of a Light Show

Design and Development

Designing and flying a drone light show is a consultative and iterative process which we have found generates a close working partnership between SkyShows and our clients.  

Firstly, we discuss with you - the customer - your exact requirements.  We then, jointly, create a 'Story Board', which, when agreed, is passed to one of our expert creative design team who designs a show using cutting-edge design technology.  

Once completed, this show is then available for you to view as a simulation':

Test Flying

Following agreement of the design with you, the details are transferred to our specialist drone light show software systems and the simulation model becomes a flight path for each of the individual aircraft in the show.  

This show is then flight tested - generally in the daylight - and rehearsed numerous times to ensure the safety of the operations and the visual effect of the display.  Any amendments arising from this test flying are agreed with you - our clients - and we test fly again until the show is perfect.  

It's Showtime

And finally, after successful - and safe - testing and rehearsals, SkyShows will be proud and honoured to fly your unique and bespoke drone light show for you.

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